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ERP System Implementation Assistance


Following completion of an ERP System Selection mandate, LYA often provides additional consulting services to help our clients manage the implementation of the chosen ERP system, including:

  • Participating with the client and the chosen vendor in the creation of the Project Implementation Plan.

  • Reviewing the project schedule to monitor open tasks and the client's and the chosen vendor's employees involved in the implementation.

  • Helping to resolve major implementation policy decisions/bottlenecks.

  • Helping to ensure that the client and the chosen vendor provide sufficient resources and management support/commitment to the project.

  • Reviewing and approving design documents from the chosen vendor.

  • Reviewing all deliverables from the chosen vendor for completeness and accuracy/reasonability.

  • Reviewing and advising the client with respect to the project budget, scope and timing, and generating periodic status reports at the client's request. As well, sending alerts if there are any material changes, and suggesting any changes in project scope if appropriate.

  • Attending regularly scheduled implementation status meetings.

  • Participating in the re-engineering of the current business processes in conjunction with the chosen software's functionality and generally accepted best-business practices.

  • Ensuring that controls are built-in prior to going "live".

  • Performing a Post-Implementation Review once the new ERP system is operational (i.e. "live") to ensure that the expected benefits of the new ERP system have been realized.