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ERP System Software Diagnostic

LYA's ERP System Software Diagnostic has been designed to ensure that entrepreneurs can leverage their investment in the current ERP system software, and where justified make sound ERP system software investments going forward that could have a significant return on investment and value-added impact on their business.


Entrepreneurs have engaged LYA to perform an ERP System Software Diagnostic for a variety of reasons, which they have told us include:


  • They are unhappy with their current software platform and related business processes i.e. lack of timely and relevant information, too many end-user software applications outside the core ERP system, high cost of ownership of the current ERP system, employee burnout and lack of accountability, lack of a disaster recovery plan, etc.

  • They have "blind spots" with respect to business processes and back-office administration, and often do not know what's going on "in the trenches".

  • They are often too emotionally attached to the status quo to objectively champion change in their company.

  • They are not well equipped to drive the desired improvements in efficiency and control.

  • They believe that proactive change is less disruptive and costly than continuously "putting out fires", and can significantly improve their quality of life and peace of mind.


Our Methodology


Our first step in performing the ERP System Software Diagnostic is to assess our client's current ERP system environment through high-level discussions and detailed interviews with our client's senior managers and key business process owners.


After we have understood and evaluated the current tools and business processes that are in use, we then identify the desired tools and processes required to serve our client going forward, and then develop prioritized recommendations upon which senior management can take action to improve the overall operating environment. We then summarize our findings and recommendations in an ERP System Software Diagnostic Report for review by our client.



Key Objectives of LYA's ERP System Software Diagnostic


  • Evaluate our client's current ERP system software environment.

  • Evaluate our client's current level of business process automation.

  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement with respect to efficiency and control.

  • Provide coaching to the key project stakeholders on ERP system software awareness, adoption and potential benefits.

  • Develop an Action Plan containing recommended short-term "quick wins" (low cost solutions that are easy to implement) and medium and long-term ERP system software investments.

  • Prepare a Business Impact Analysis for the recommendations contained in the Action Plan.

  • Generate a preliminary cost estimate and Implementation Roadmap for each ERP system software project recommended.


Key Business Benefits of LYA's ERP System Software Diagnostic


  • Implementing ERP system software best-practices will increase operational efficiency & control, and reduce operating costs.

  • Adopting ERP system software best-practices will help stimulate business growth and improve the company's value proposition.

  • Prioritizing current and future investments in ERP system software based on alignment to strategic objectives will help maximize each project's return on investment ("ROI").

  • Automating critical business processes will help achieve improved and more sustainable levels of operational efficiency and control, customer service and speed-to-market of new products and/or services.

  • Proper positioning with respect to ERP system software trends will help increase the company's competitive advantage and business valuation.

  • Proper planning of ERP system software investments will help ensure the sustainability of the company's planned growth.