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We were looking for an accounting package to complement our ERP system. Lawrence Young and Associates helped us to define our true needs and objectively evaluate proposed solutions.

Furthermore, Lawrence provided insightful thinking towards finding a cost-efficient solution and partner. Thanks to LYA's expertise, we were able to secure a viable, sustainable solution at a reasonable cost. We recommend them highly.

In 2012, Lawrence Young was recommended to us by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) as the go-to resource for ERP system selection and planning. Lawrence's mandate was to assist us in analyzing our ERP system needs, generate and send an RFP to potential suppliers, and coordinate presentations from potential suppliers in order to assist us with the selection process.

Throughout the process, Lawrence was very effective at determining our needs and highlighting numerous opportunities for improvement within the current software environment that we have.

Lawrence is a hands-on consultant who was very quick to respond to questions, and any necessary follow-ups were executed quickly. He worked closely with our team during our needs analysis phase, and all comments were that he was professional, easy to work with and very knowledgeable. One of the things that we appreciated the most was that Lawrence was very honest in the feedback he provided to us.

It was a pleasure working with Lawrence, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that is considering implementing an ERP system. Your money will be well spent for his services.

Our firm contracted with Lawrence Young for IT consulting services when we decided it was time to upgrade our computer systems and implement a new ERP system.

Although my team was somewhat nervous and reluctant to proceed quickly, we turned to Lawrence for assistance. Lawrence not only provided invaluable insight into where my company was positioned within the IT world, but also was very easy to work with. He was very understanding and easy to approach, and communicated to my employees on their level not his, which in turn kept my staff focused and confident that a new system was what operations required to grow our business.

Working closely with our staff during the needs analysis phase, Lawrence was able to determine our functional requirements and recommend improvements to our business processes. Lawrence's experience and knowledge were invaluable to us over this entire process, and we did not receive one negative report to management throughout his entire process.

It became very obvious early within our consultation that Lawrence Young and his team were a great investment and money well spent. It was a pleasure to work with Lawrence and I would certainly look to hire Lawrence Young anytime we require assistance in the future.

Joe Delehay
RJ Concrete Equipment Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

Leeza contracted Lawrence Young & Associates as advisors during the Request for Proposal process to select new ERP software. Lawrence's depth of knowledge and meticulous approach to the selection process instilled total confidence in our management team. Lawrence also provided useful guidance in the selection process by ensuring a consistent application of a standard set of criteria.

Having taking time to understand our business processes and what features we wanted in new ERP software, Lawrence helped us interface with all the responding software vendors and ultimately determine what features and functionality we needed, and crucially, which product would best satisfy our requirements.

The entire process was an education conducted by a very knowledgeable, organized and supportive professional. Thank you Lawrence.

In 2006, we implemented a leading mid-market ERP software package to help us manage our fast-growing company which manufactures the TRUX line of chrome and stainless steel truck accessories. By 2009 we realized we had made a terrible mistake with the choice we had made-we were more than 50% over budget, the system did not balance, and we had realized very few of the benefits we were promised by the company that sold us the software.

Our external auditors suggested we contact Lawrence Young to help us get out of the mess we were in. After analyzing all of the facts, Lawrence thankfully concluded that there was nothing wrong with the software we had chosen, but that the system had been very poorly implemented.

He quickly found us a qualified reseller of the same software who worked closely with him to reconfigure the system, properly train our users and reengineer our business processes. Several months after we first contacted Lawrence, the system was up and running and delivering the information and control we had never been able to obtain previously.

Lawrence is an extremely capable and caring professional who I only wish we had engaged at the beginning of this project. He reacted to our urgent situation and delivered everything he said he would, and on-time and on-budget. Thank you, Lawrence, for putting an end to our suffering!

McDougall Energy Inc. contracted Lawrence Young & Associates to assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal for our company to select new ERP software.

Working closely with our staff during the needs analysis phase, Lawrence was able to determine our functional requirements and recommend improvements to our business processes, and incorporate them into a comprehensive RFP which was sent to prospective vendors.

Over the course of six months, we were able to issue an RFP, shortlist vendors and have five half-day and two full-day demonstrations that allowed us to methodically select one vendor.

Lawrence's experience and knowledge were invaluable to us over this entire selection process. He was a pleasure to work with, very professional and knowledgeable, and kept our staff focused on the tasks which we had to do. The selection process would not have been completed as thoroughly or on such a timely basis without Lawrence's structured methodology and invaluable assistance.

We would recommend Lawrence Young & Associates to any company that wishes to minimize and manage the risk and uncertainty associated with selecting new ERP software.

Glenn MacDonald, CA-IT
VP Finance and CFO
McDougall Energy Inc.
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Ten years ago Wirewerks was at a crossroad in its evolution, so I made the decision to bring Lawrence Young in to do a Human Resource Diagnostic, I may say it was a complete pleasure having his knowledge and skill set at our disposal to help us identify the strengths and weaknesses of our organization, and create an action plan for the rapid growth that lay ahead.

Eight years and 50 additional employees later, I brought Lawrence back in to help us address a wide range of new challenges, including corporate strategic planning, new ERP software selection, business process reengineering, and a number of human resource issues. We used his expertise to identify our requirements and issue a formal RFP to prospective software vendors. Lawrence then helped us evaluate the numerous proposals we received, including each vendor’s capabilities and value point. After we signed on the bottom line, Lawrence then helped us deal with implementation issues which arose due to our continuing rapid growth across Canada and into the United States and other markets.

One of Lawrence’s greatest strengths was his ability to communicate effectively with all our employees, and get them to open up and discuss what they felt were the issues that needed to be addressed. His ability to ask the right questions and the get the right answers helped us move forward during a very challenging period of Wirewerks’ growth. Lawrence was a great asset to me and my company, and was worth every penny we paid him.

It's been a good experience working with Lawrence. He is well organized, concise, and it's a good exercise because it makes me and our employees understand a little more of our own business processes. Doing the business assessment with us before putting out the RFP helped us to recognize what we should be doing. Lawrence keeps us focused, and I appreciate how well Lawrence is able to cut through and work quickly. His involvement in our software selection project was definitely worth the money. To me, anyone wishing to go down the ERP road should not even attempt it without using a consultant like Lawrence.

Richard Stangl
Unitec Industrial Gases
Concord, Ontario

First and foremost, Lawrence is well organized, precise and took a very cost-efficient approach to address our issues. He was able to come in, grab the reigns and point out our strengths and weaknesses within a small span of time. He helped us focus on what needed to be improved, and worked through it quickly. Because he is so knowledgeable and works in such a structured manner, it made the software selection process extremely easy! My business has excelled and soared to new limits as a result of Lawrence’s hands on involvement with our company. Lawrence is a true professional, and was definitely worth the time and money we invested!

My companies have relied on Lawrence twice for his expertise and guidance. In 2013, we retained Lawrence’s services to guide us through the evaluation of our needs to replace our ERP system. Our company was involved in the distribution of orthopaedic products. We procured products from more than 100 vendors, from 12 different countries and in 8 different currencies. We sold our products across Canada to private and public clinics and hospitals.

Lawrence provided very effective assistance in defining the details of our needs and in formulating the specifications for the Requests for Proposals. He managed the process for generating our RFP, and organised the evaluations of the proposals received from the ERP system vendors. He also assisted us when the ERP vendors made their live presentations to us.

We also brought Lawrence in throughout the decision-making process as we reached the final decision milestone. Lawrence brought organisation and control to these processes, and we would not have succeeded without his guidance.

This year, we bought a small company with B2B and B2C activities. The company already had a web-based e-commerce platform, a CRM system and an accounting system. Lawrence guided us through the evaluation of these systems. We followed his advice to keep these systems in place and we are delighted with the results.

I will not consider the replacement and the acquisition of business software without consulting Lawrence. He is competent, up-to-date on his knowledge of systems, diligent, hard-working and reliable. He works well in a team, and he is very professional. Don’t hesitate to call me at +1 514 513 6161 if you want more information.

Jean-Pierre Gibeault
Cole & Parker / Cetco Capital Inc.
Montréal, Quebec

As our company embarked upon the RFP process for an ERP replacement project, we knew we would need assistance on this journey. Several large mainstream consulting companies were asked for a bid as well as LYA. In our review, we found that Lawrence offered an extremely comprehensive approach that was very cost effective compared to the large consulting organizations.

Lawrence delivered and provided our organization with much valued analysis, insight and real-life experience for our ERP RFP. His professional background and similar work constructing ERP RFP's with other manufacturing Small-Medium Enterprises (SME) allowed him to efficiently and effectively work with our business to define our requirements and bring together a comprehensive RFP package.

Upon receipt of the many bids, Lawrence provided detailed quantitative comparative analysis on the vendors. Lawrence acted extremely professionally and gave an unvarnished opinion when asked on the pros and cons on each proposal, but left us to clearly make that important selection on our own.

Lawrence's detailed approach and background in the SME space makes him an excellent guide and enhancement to similar organizations that recognize they do not have the depth to drive a complex ERP evaluation and RFP process.

Stephen Slauenwhite, CPA, CMA, MBA
Vice President Finance
PolyCello (a division of EPC Industries Limited)
Amherst, Nova Scotia

MAS Industries is a manufacturer and distributor of automotive steering and suspension parts. The company has experienced continuous growth in the North American automotive aftermarket over the years. MAS was working with a "small" ERP system and it came to a point where we needed to upgrade to a more robust system in order to keep up with the evolving demands placed on our sales, production and service departments.

When we began our search for a new ERP system, we weren't aware of the type of systems available, what to look for, or even where to start. We spoke to other companies that have been through what we were about to begin and were advised to consult with a professional as making the wrong decision could be very costly and time consuming.

We were introduced to Lawrence Young who came highly recommended as a specialist in this field. Aside from being a really nice guy, it was clear that Lawrence knew what he was talking about.

We got together with Lawrence and determined in very high detail all of our requirements. Lawrence then approached many software vendors who he felt could fulfill our needs. We engaged with six companies and then narrowed it down to four based on functionality fit and price, and finally down to two vendors who could best satisfy our needs. The two finalists were both excellent companies, and we decided to go with the one who we felt we could best grow with over the years to come.

We are now just in the final stages of implementation, and things have gone very smoothly with no surprises-imagine that!

I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to make a system change that they consult with a professional, and I highly recommend Lawrence Young as a very experienced and capable individual that will make their system upgrade as painless and cost-efficient as possible.

Choosing the right ERP software to improve the efficiency of our company and support our continued growth was an important corporate challenge that we needed to meet successfully. We also quickly realized that we needed expert advice given the complexity of the steps involved in selecting new ERP software.

We engaged Lawrence Young to guide and advise us throughout the ERP System Selection process. His vast experience, knowledge and systematic approach were instrumental in identifying our current and future needs, and preparing a comprehensive Request for Proposal that was sent to prospective software vendors.

Lawrence quickly understood our business objectives, challenges and constraints, and immediately related to and inspired confidence amongst all of our key business process owners, no matter what their role in our company. He then performed the detailed requirements analysis phase with each of our departments in an efficient and constructive atmosphere, which was key to assuring that the chosen ERP system would meet our expectations.

Lawrence's system selection methodology, coupled with his technical and business expertise, enabled us to effectively compare the different vendor proposals we received, and objectively measure each one's competitiveness and ability to satisfy our needs.

We are grateful to have benefited from Lawrence's professionalism and guidance throughout the process of selecting new ERP software for our company, and highly recommend him to other companies who need to select new ERP software.

Charles Bourbonnais
Vice-President, Finance
Polymos Inc.
Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Québec

As a small but fast growing business, it was clear that our ERP system, business processes and SOPs had to be looked at closely to gain efficiencies. With limited internal bandwidth and resources, Lawrence turned out to be the quarterback we needed to evaluate our needs and help us navigate through the best choices.

Lawrence is very knowledgeable and understands both large systems and smaller businesses requirements and constraints. He was very effective at identifying our opportunities in upgrading our systems, both for our immediate needs and our mid-term goals. He is organized and acted as the quarterback/external leader in managing the project. He delivered us a detailed game plan and roadmap to navigate through.

After purchasing new ERP software, Seatply Products Inc. contracted Lawrence Young & Associates to review the implementation plan and identify any needs that might not have been addressed in the software and the licensing agreement.

Lawrence's involvement and expertise helped us implement ERP software that satisfies our specific needs, and made the implementation much easier for all of us at SEATPLY.

We recommend the services of Lawrence Young and Associates to any company that plans to select or implement a new ERP system. It's an expenditure that saved us time and money.

Levon Afeyan
Seatply Products Inc.
Montreal, Québec

In 2010 Datamark Systems Inc. contracted Lawrence Young and Associates to assist in the preparation of a Request for Proposal for new ERP software to support all of our sales offices and manufacturing plants across Canada.

Lawrence worked closely with our staff during the needs analysis to determine our requirements and prepare a detailed RFP which was sent out to more than 10 prospective vendors. After five half-day demos and three full day demos we are close to choosing the vendor who can satisfy our needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Lawrence's experience and knowledge was invaluable throughout the selection process. So much so, that we have decided to extend Lawrence's mandate to assist us throughout the implementation phase of the new ERP system.

That being said, we would without a doubt recommend Lawrence Young & Associates to any company looking to effectively manage the sizable risk of selecting new ERP software.

Daniel Lapointe
Chief Operating Officer
Datamark Systems Inc.
Laval, Québec

For several years, our current ERP system did not satisfy our needs, and we therefore decided that it was time to replace it. Accordingly, we engaged Lawrence to help us throughout the ERP System Selection project.

From the outset we were able to appreciate Lawrence's expertise and competence. Passionate and dedicated, he quickly understood our business model and processes as well as the challenges we were facing, and he was able to win the confidence of all members of our team through his approach and professionalism.

Lawrence's involvement allowed us to use a structured and thorough approach to make the right choice, all the while respecting the pace and values of our company. Lawrence has demonstrated that his reputation for excellence is real and well founded.

We are very pleased that Lawrence has agreed to participate in a second mandate with us for the implementation of our new ERP system.

Rene-Frederic Roy
Director of Finance
Innotex Inc.
Richmond, Québec

As a part of our Lean Manufacturing Program, we mandated Lawrence to conduct a review of our existing ERP system with the objective of identifying it's suitability for the future in the context of the Company's business plan.

As a manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic custom-designed cylinders and control systems we needed to work with a consultant that understands the complexities of our engineering, manufacturing and administrative processes.

I was impressed with the depth and thoroughness of Lawrence's report and his quick grasp of the root causes of both our software and process-related problems. The thoroughness of the report produced by Lawrence by far exceeded my expectations, and the resulting recommendations will form the basis for our next-generation software upgrade.

Lawrence did exactly what we wanted to have done. We needed someone else to sort through all the systems, and find out which were the best for us. Though we knew the top three, through the work of Lawrence we decided to select a different system at a much lower cost than one of the top three. Some of us had some experience dealing with evaluating systems but we were too busy to focus, so Lawrence took that "bull by the horns" and ran with it. He took a very disciplined approach to the process and handled all the required legwork. Because of his background, he would ask the penetrating questions and keep the vendors in line and sharp. The way he ran the process, pencils were sharpened sufficiently to offset the cost of his fees, so it didn't really cost us anything, in my opinion.

Graham Nash, C.A.
Chief Financial Officer
Garden Protein International
Richmond, B.C.

As with most mid-size companies, we did not have the required IT expertise internally to navigate through the ERP selection process. The combination of Lawrence’s experience, knowledge and persistence of keeping the project on schedule resulted in our having a very successful implementation. Lawrence provided us with senior leadership, was able to quickly understand the dynamics of our business and provided an objective view of our business processes to ensure that we kept the scope in-line with our requirements. When approaching any project, the key is to have the right people on the team who can both create and implement a proper plan of action. Lawrence is definitely someone you want on your team!

Ken McCracken
A&C American Chemicals Ltd.
Saint-Laurent, Quebec

As a rapidly growing company with increased work volume and limited resources, Newtrax needed to replace multiple software applications with a complete ERP system to connect all of its business departments, and to offer the required support to its continuously evolving business needs.

To ensure that the most adequate ERP system would be chosen, Newtrax teamed up with Lawrence Young to help navigate through the selection process in a structured and professional manner.

We were very pleased by Lawrence’s extensive knowledge, flexibility and availability whenever required. We can say with confidence that following Lawrence’s rigorous process and structured approach has guaranteed there were no questions unanswered, and that the ERP system we selected is the best fit for our current and future requirements.

Cristina Pridie
Special Projects Coordinator
Newtrax Technologies Inc.
Montréal, Québec

In 2018, Jack Victor Limited contacted Lawrence Young to assist us in procuring a new comprehensive ERP system that would allow us to adapt and prosper in the ever-changing marketplace. The choice of Lawrence was an easy decision based on our previous working relationship 20 years ago.

Under Lawrence’s guidance, we moved efficiently through the entire system selection process. The process started with an ERP System Software Diagnostic Report to determine our requirements and best-practice alternatives. He met with individuals at all management levels and asked the right questions to get needed responses.

Next, he led us through the ERP System Improvement meetings to prioritize our software and related business process requirements. Lawrence assisted us in preparing the initial Demo Script that we sent to prospective ERP system suppliers.

When we received the supplier proposals, he thoroughly evaluated them and assisted us in preparing the detailed Proof of Concept Demo Script for selected suppliers. Lawrence’s experience was invaluable in assisting us with the evaluation of each of the Supplier Final Demos and calculating the ROI for each proposal.

Lawrence was always very flexible in his availability and time scheduling. It was a pleasure working with him! We would definitely recommend him to anyone that is considering selecting and implementing an ERP system.

Maurizio Iuliani
Chief Management Officer
Jack Victor Limited
Montréal, Québec

As a result of continued and rapid growth since our founding in 1999, our partners concluded in 2013 that we needed to replace our administrative systems with a fully integrated ERP system and reengineered business processes. We also realized that although MATRICIS is a technology company, we did not have the necessary expertise internally to assure that we would select the right software from the right vendor at the right price.

Therefore, we engaged the services of Lawrence Young to assist us throughout the ERP system selection project. The first step of Lawrence's mandate was to meet with all of our key people to review our existing software and business processes, and determine our needs going forward. Lawrence then documented the deficiencies in our present environment together with our current and future requirements in a detailed Request for Proposal that was sent to a number of qualified software vendors that Lawrence and we identified.

Lawrence helped us objectively evaluate and compare the proposals we received from the vendors, and then assisted us in identifying which vendors were worthy of further consideration. He also guided us in creating a vendor demonstration agenda and script so that the shortlisted vendors could be further evaluated on a level playing field. Following the demos, Lawrence's valued expertise was again called upon to help us select the chosen vendor and negotiate a mutually fair agreement for software licenses, professional services and annual maintenance.

Involving Lawrence in our system selection project turned out to be an excellent and cost-justified decision on our part, one that will save us money and avoid costly and stressful surprises for many years to come. Thank you, Lawrence, for your professionalism and dedication to our project!

Francois Beaubien
Matricis Informatique Inc.
Montreal, Quebec

In 2011, Lawrence Young was introduced to me by our contact at the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). His mandate was to assess our information technology platform and operations, and help us develop a plan aimed at optimizing its function to satisfy the specific requirements of our business. This was a very challenging task hindered by the low availability of our staff to participate in meetings and interviews, and the complexity of our IT operations which involves data management, process monitoring, quality assurance, bio statistical analysis and document control. Furthermore, our IT platform serves two distinct and very different types of users—our staff and our clients. Of course, resistance to change and skepticism were not negligible obstacles to Lawrence's mandate.

Despite these difficulties, Lawrence was able to overcome all of the problems he encountered, and delivered a comprehensive report describing the current state, reflecting on the critical deficiencies, presenting a thorough risk assessment and developing a prioritized corrective action plan. In his work, Lawrence demonstrated great insight and a remarkable ability to understand the unique challenges of our business. As a consultant, he was patient and sensitive to the confidentiality of the information he gathered, and he remained objective in all aspects of his mandate. In addition, it was clear that he genuinely cared about the outcome of his work, and was sincerely dedicated to helping us improve our operations. Last but not least, Lawrence was always direct and honest to a fault. He presented problems, solutions and risks in a clear, direct and unambiguous manner without sparing any of the relevant details.

In short, Lawrence is not one of those consultants that tell you what you want to hear. From Lawrence you will get the truth as he sees it, and it is your choice how to react to it. I consider myself fortunate to have met Lawrence. He brought value to our business, and I would engage him again without a single hesitation.

John S. Sampalis B.Sc.,
B.A. (hon), M.Sc., Ph.D., F.A.C.E

CEO & Chief Scientific Officer
JSS Medical Research Inc.
Saint-Laurent, Quebec

When ASICC-MED's management team recognized that changes to our internal systems and business processes were crucial to gain a competitive edge in our industry, we established the need to replace our four stand-alone internal operating systems with a single, fully integrated ERP system. We also understood early on in the project that in order to be successful, we required the assistance and guidance of an accredited, experienced and independent professional consultant.

We therefore embarked on a search for a consultant that understood the technology landscape and its countless players, had a proven record of accomplishment, and could lead us through the maze of data and information that we had assembled thus far on our own. And most importantly, we were looking for a consultant that could help us select an ERP system that could satisfy our future needs, given the expected changes and growth in each of ASICC-MED's operating divisions.

After an extensive search that included countless considerations and evaluations of credentials and references of numerous consultants, ASICC-MED elected to engage the services of Lawrence Young. This pivotal decision has been THE turning point of a well-defined and smooth transition towards the best-fit choice of an ERP system for our company.

Lawrence led us step-by-step through the ERP system selection project, which included evaluating our detailed requirements, reengineering our current business processes, generating the Request for Proposal that was sent to numerous qualified prospective software vendors, and creating the vendor demonstration script. He also played an instrumental role in finalizing an agreement with the chosen vendor by helping us make sense of the small print in the vendor's agreement. As well, his vast experience was invaluable in promoting the best understanding between the parties, and avoiding potential conflict during the implementation phase.

Without question, joining forces with Lawrence saved ASICC-MED an immense amount of precious time by documenting our needs in a language understood by the specialized software vendors. In addition, thanks to Lawrence's methodology and guidance, we were able to focus our efforts on making an informed decision, based on measurable best-fit and cost criteria, which will have a profoundly positive impact on our company's operations over the next five years, and beyond.

Our experience with Lawrence has exposed us to an entirely new aspect of leadership and clairvoyance in working with consultants. He has supported us through an intricate and complex process, and always exhibited a great deal of expertise and flexibility when called upon for his professional opinion.

We also must commend Lawrence for his ability and desire to embrace ASICC-MED's unique business model. Throughout the project, he always deployed all of the means at his disposal, and invested all of the time and energy required, to gain our satisfaction by learning and adapting to our unique business needs and requirements.

Chantal Cohen
Brossard, Quebec

Priority Fire Equipment Inc. is extremely happy and thankful for the service provided by Lawrence Young & Associates Inc. Lawrence is a particularly dedicated individual who showcases constant professionalism and efficiency in everything he takes on.

The service from beginning to end has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level that far exceeds any other technology consultants we have dealt with. Not only did he complete the work that was asked of him, but did so always exceeding our expectations and timeline. He was able to communicate effectively with every single person in our team and help them understand the proper structure and best-business processes for the company.

Lawrence was very quick in picking up our needs and simplifying the complex. He is quick but effective. His availability and quick responsiveness make him a pleasure to work with. He takes the time necessary to understand the issues and communicated with us throughout in order to get all clarifications and expectations met. The Request for Proposal he generated, which was sent to prospective software vendors, did not only meet our requirements but surpassed them.

Lawrence truly invests in his work and his business relationships. Priority Fire Equipment will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone — Lawrence consistently delivers a high quality service!

Thank you Lawrence for all your help and dedication!

During the process of modernizing and upgrading our company’s software, we were introduced to Lawrence Young. We were a little skeptical at first on how exactly he could help with this project, since we had been through the process years prior and the transition had gone rather smoothly.

However, once we recognized that this transition was going to be on a much larger scale then our previous one, we brought Lawrence in to give us an independent, objective and expert analysis of the situation. Lawrence took off with the know-how and understanding of an industry we had very little knowledge of.

Our company’s priorities, customer requirements and system processes were analyzed by Lawrence to get a feel for what our employees were going through and what our customers required on a day-to-day basis prior to us making the final decision on a software package. During that period we continued to focus and allocate 100% of our time to managing the business and its growth, with Lawrence focusing in on the software that best suited us.

Professionalism and effectiveness, I believe, are the words that best describe Lawrence Young.

Steve De Filippo
Journey Freight International Inc.
Lachine, Quebec

My experience working with Lawrence was very positive. This was the first time I had worked with an IT consultant retained directly by our company rather than a vendor, and it was a very different experience. I am happy with the work that was done, and would not hesitate to retain Lawrence in an advisory capacity as we move forward with this project to review our business needs analysis to make sure we are not omitting any key components and to provide advice during the configuration and implementation phases. Lawrence provides value for money, is easy to work with and very down-to-earth. He quickly established a very good working relationship with our Steering Committee and developed a reputation as being an honest and positive broker for our firm.

David Christiansen BA PhD
Corporate Business Manager
R J Burnside & Associates Limited
Orangeville, Ontario

Lawrence was very helpful and knowledgeable. He spent significant time on site with us and brought experience we didn't have in house. He had specific expertise in "grilling" the vendors and ensuring we received appropriate documents, seeing the process through, clarifying information and making sure proposed vendors were providing what was needed to make our decision. We have a fairly small head office, and so we needed someone with his background, someone who had been through the process before. It was a useful expenditure.

Our company used Lawrence on several occasions and was more than pleased with the results. Lawrence is always the professional and an effective communicator both oral and written. He quickly penetrated the issues and his work and recommendations remain in effect long after he has completed his mandate. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

After using the same CRM in conjunction with several other programs for 30 years we made the decision to move to a single platform. With no experience or knowledge with what was really in the marketplace we hired Lawrence for his expertise to guide us through the process.

Throughout the process, Lawrence was patient, able to see the priorities and in the end help us navigate and narrow the choices. With his guidance, we chose a new CRM and Lawrence was there every step of the way to ensure that contracts were fair and that we were protected.

Lawrence is always patient, kind, professional and is an effective communicator. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Lawrence started advising our accounting team in the middle of our selection process for new accounting & ERP software.

This was important for us since it would effectively bind us for 5 years+ with the selected software. We had a big decision to make and no internal experience or expertise in this matter. When we engaged Lawrence, we had already completed the basic blueprint and vendor interviews, and had received proposals. We perceived that the software sales teams were often biased, and it was hard for us to decipher what was the best software for our business.

Lawrence was able to pick up the pace without restarting from the beginning and slowing us down. He rapidly understood our critical and secondary needs. He challenged our thinking process, decision criteria and other key considerations. He made sure that we asked additional questions so that we were analyzing proposals on an ‘apples to apples’ basis. He was able to provide many good negotiation points. He also flagged risks to keep track of during the implementation phase and throughout the life of the contract.

Louis-Philippe Edger, CPA, CA, CBV
Director of Financial Optimization
Victoria Park Medispa
Montreal, Quebec

When IEC embarked on choosing an ERP ("Enterprise Resource Planning") system in 2012, we knew that the selection process would not be an easy path to travel. It can be time consuming, difficult to identify and match all of the requirements to vendor proposals, and then manage change throughout the company. We had heard so many times from our customers and friends in business that they wished they had anticipated how difficult it was to select the right ERP system that could work with their business processes and help move their businesses forward.

The factors that make this process difficult are:

  • in today's environment organizations run lean in terms of resources, so finding resources that can help a business see the selection process through to conclusion can be very challenging

  • trying to complete a disciplined, impartial review of vendors responses to a business's Request for Proposal ("RFP") is not for the faint of heart

For all the reasons above, IEC chose to search for a consultant that had experience in ERP systems, had a disciplined approach to mapping out business processes and preparing an RFP, and was able to objectively evaluate and measure vendor responses to the RFP.

IEC found these capabilities in the disciplined process that Lawrence Young uses. There is no doubt in my mind that without this approach and Lawrence's honest and impartial feedback, IEC would not be implementing an ERP at this time, but instead would still be mapping out our processes and searching for the right system from the right vendor.

IEC thanks Lawrence for all his diligence, sage advice and help in bringing our search to an effective and expedient conclusion.

Shane Turner
Financial Controller
Independent Electric and Controls Ltd.
Drayton Valley, Alberta

Our firm contracted with Lawrence Young for IT consulting services when we decided it was time to upgrade our computer systems and implement a new ERP system.

Although my team was somewhat nervous and reluctant to proceed quickly, we turned to Lawrence for assistance. Lawrence not only provided invaluable insight into where my company was positioned within the IT world, but also was very easy to work with. He was very understanding and easy to approach, and communicated to my employees on their level not his, which in turn kept my staff focused and confident that a new system was what operations required to grow our business.

Working closely with our staff during the needs analysis phase, Lawrence was able to determine our functional requirements and recommend improvements to our business processes. Lawrence's experience and knowledge were invaluable to us over this entire process, and we did not receive one negative report to management throughout his entire process.

It became very obvious early within our consultation that Lawrence Young and his team were a great investment and money well spent. It was a pleasure to work with Lawrence and I would certainly look to hire Lawrence Young anytime we require assistance in the future.

Joe Delehay
Dynamic Concrete Pumping Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

In 2012, Keystone Contractors & Builders was struggling to keep up with the disparate in house, SaaS and manual processes and procedures we were using for financial, administration, HR and project management. After assessing our in-house expertise, it was decided to use the services of a qualified professional and proceed with a complete Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) diagnostic.

After careful consideration and recommendation, Lawrence Young stepped into the fray to assist, guide, and perform this diagnostic. The audit itself required considerable interaction between Lawrence and numerous members of our staff. It became quickly apparent that Lawrence's dedication to professionalism, persistence and patience would win the day for us and provide the kind of diagnostic we required.

The final ICT Diagnostic report, which consisted of a complete profile of our company including current business practices, web site analysis, technological hardware, software, SaaS solutions, etc. complete with recommended actions, proposed action plans, and a well-documented road map, was simply outstanding. The attention to detail, coupled with professionalism and a true interest in us as people-not just clients-assured us that Lawrence indeed did perform above our expectations.

We have since followed Lawrence's recommended road map and have implemented a number of his recommendations with great success. The peace of mind we have knowing that the decisions we are currently making to roll out additional upgrades to our ICT platform, is based on the years of experience and dedication that Lawrence brought to the table.

Lawrence comes highly recommended, and it has been our pleasure to solicit, obtain and implement his professional expertise.

Lawrence Peters
Keystone Contractors & Builders
Brandon, Manitoba

We contacted Lawrence to help us evaluate and source a new ERP system to replace our legacy back office, POS, manufacturing and accounting systems, when, after several years of rapid growth, we needed to move to the next level.

As you can imagine the task seemed daunting, but Lawrence's calm demeanor and professionalism put the organization's mind at ease. He quietly spoke to people on their level and explained what we were doing in terms they could understand and feel comfortable with.

As we progressed from requirements documentation to the RFP, Lawrence's invaluable insight and experience helped us better define our priorities and narrow our search; saving us both time and money.

As the RFP responses came in, Lawrence was also very helpful in helping us sift through the varied responses. He helped us evaluate each of the alternatives from both a cost and functionality perspective and he was able to quantify those differences and explain the nuances of each of those proposals to us.

He then helped structure the demos and his participation in those demos helped clarify what we were being told.

Without his help, we certainly would never have found as good of a system as we did, and his experience and contacts in the industry absolutely helped us during the contract negotiation phase to acquire that system at a very competitive cost.

Needless to say, we wholeheartedly recommend the services of Lawrence Young and Associates to any company that plans to select or implement a new ERP system.

Lawrence Young was retained by us to perform a forensic analysis of custom software equipped computers. After two previous "experts" were unable to handle the task, Lawrence came in and did a superb job technically, and then backed it up with a stellar performance on the witness stand.

Lawrence is intelligent, articulate, and unshakeable in his testimony. I was very pleased with his performance and I am sure you will be too if you give him the opportunity.

Robert J. Costello
Levy, Tolman & Costello, LLP
New York, NY

One of our clients engaged us for ERP system litigation to be initiated against one of the software industry leaders and administered by Mexican courts. Given that we felt that having a strong technical opinion supporting our legal arguments was key to the trial, we hired Lawrence to act as an Expert Witness for this mandate.

Since the beginning of his mandate, Lawrence demonstrated to be both efficient and flexible, as he had to deal with a huge volume of documents and testimonials in Spanish. He was always very committed to the tasks we assigned to him, and he even came to Mexico in order to get a clear and complete picture of the situation.

Lawrence's involvement in this matter even helped us find important facts and data that had remained unknown, even for the IT department of our client. Moreover, Lawrence proved to be very skillful and to have deep ERP system litigation knowledge, and he drafted an integral and thorough Expert Witness Report that will play a crucial part in the litigation.

We recommend Lawrence to any enterprise or law firm that is involved with ERP system litigation, as he will provide you with the technical input that may be instrumental to winning your trial. Lawrence is definitely someone you want on your side!

Luis Asali
Senior Partner
Bufete Asali, S.C.
Mexico City, Mexico

We retained Lawrence as an expert in litigation about the selection and implementation of an ERP system. For the issues relating to the selection of the system, Lawrence was very knowledgeable about the various products that were available to the purchasing company, and about the suitability of the product that was selected. Lawrence had an equally deep expertise in the relevant practices and standards for implementing similar systems.

Lawrence analyzed a significant volume of material. He conducted a series of sessions with us in which he explained the technology and the implementation process in a clear step-by-step analysis. Lawrence is very good at explaining technology in language that is thorough but understandable to the non-expert. In our case, Lawrence identified critical issues (pro and con), described additional information we should obtain, and gave concrete advice about how to discuss topics when questioning witnesses and submitting arguments.

He was efficient and very cost-effective—and patient in working through these matters. We were very impressed with his knowledge and professionalism.