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ERP System Selection Assistance

Why Choose LYA?


  • Extensive Knowledge of ERP Systems: LYA brings to the table 40+ years of experience in the selection and implementation of many different types of ERP systems, both as a vendor and as an objective and independent licensed management consultant.

  • Independence: LYA does not sell or implement any software product, nor do we have any incentives (financial or otherwise) to recommend a particular solution. Our objective is simply to recommend the best solution for our clients.

  • Business Process Review: LYA's approach is to perform a cursory review during the System Selection mandate of your business processes not just to understand your requirements, but also to identify opportunities for business process improvement. Our expertise in this area is based on four decades of experience working with hundreds of companies across North America. Our experience has shown that the implementation of new software is often the best opportunity to re-engineer and improve business processes.

  • Benefits: Benefits of working with LYA include:

    • Our software selection methodology has been proven across hundreds of software selection mandates.

    • We significantly reduce the risks inherent in selecting and implementing new ERP software.

    • We expedite the process of selecting the right software from the right vendor at the right price.

    • We help ensure that the contract you sign with the chosen vendor is right for you with respect to protecting your interests throughout the life of the software, and maximizing the discount you receive from the vendor.