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ERP System Selection Assistance

Our Methodology


The primary objectives of an ERP System Selection Assistance project are to:

  1. Identify the client’s conceptual and where appropriate detailed ERP system requirements.

  2. Generate a ‘Request for Proposal’ (“RFP”) document that will be sent to qualified prospective vendors of ERP system software and related professional services.

  3. Assist the client in the selection of the appropriate ERP system software plus a qualified vendor who will provide the related professional services for implementation and ongoing support of the software.

Work Plan

In order to achieve the stated objectives of an ERP system selection mandate, LYA performs the following steps:


  1. Meet with senior management and key personnel to perform a cursory review of the
    1. current information technology platform (i.e. hardware, software and connectivity)
    2. related business processes
    3. historical, current and projected problems and concerns

  2. Perform a cursory assessment of the skills, roles and responsibilities of the individuals interviewed in step one above.

  3. Evaluate the current information and work flow infrastructure and identify specific weaknesses &/or opportunities for improvement.

  4. Pinpoint at a cursory level the sources of the current operational deficiencies, and develop potential solutions to improve overall productivity and transactional efficiency and accuracy.

  5. Discuss and refine the potential solutions with senior management and key business process owners to gain endorsement and support.

  6. Determine the impact of each potential solution, including the resources required to implement each solution.

  7. Document our findings and recommendations in an RFP document and submit it to senior management for final approval.

  8. Identify prospective vendors who can provide appropriate ERP system software and related implementation and ongoing support services which will satisfy the client’s needs as stated in the RFP document.

  9. Send the RFP document on the client’s behalf to the prospective vendors identified in step eight above.

  10. Review each proposal received and generate a detailed and comparative analysis for all vendors that responded to the RFP.

  11. Provide software demonstration script guidelines and assistance.

  12. Attend and provide commentary on each vendor's software demonstration.

  13. Assist the client in the selection of the chosen vendor.

  14. Review and negotiate the contract to be executed with the chosen vendor for software, related professional services and maintenance fees.